"Buddies for life ... I think"

Welcome… to the wonderful world of “Mike and Jon Music.”  This website is dedicated to over 28 years of fun, love, friendship and timeless music as the endless journey continues.  It’s the story of two dudes who, although born to be “Rock Stars,” got haircuts, ‘real’ jobs, and became regular family guys, “Keeping the Dream Alive.”

A Musical Journey

Track the timeline of Mike and Jon’s total musical experience

Who We Are

Songwriters — singers   rockers — live performers — actors — recording artists — music producers

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Have us write your jingles or next sound track — Utilize one of our previously recorded songs for your project — Book one of our cover bands — Book one of our tribute bands — Hire us to create a band specifically for your project and/or venue — Call Mike personally anytime just to chat @ (626) 926-5894 — the guy loves to talk and he never shuts up!