The Show Must Go On | Keeping The Dream Alive

By the grace of God, their dear friend Brian survived the accident. He went on to marry his soul mate, Rosie, and all appeared good. Unfortunately, his motor skills needed to redevelop; it was like starting all over again for him in reference to playing the drums. With as much patience as possible, the fab four tried to press on. Quentin finally lost interest and decided to give up music altogether. Brian continued, worked incredibly hard with everything he had in him. Due to this car accident, hearing issues and Brian’s loss of ability to get back to the professional level he was accustomed to, a devastating decision was made by this incredible power trio. After 6 years Mike Brian and Jon Music was to become Mike and Jon Music. “We Forever love you Brian.”

In this very difficult time, Mike and Jon both agreed — the show must go on! “We write original timeless music and enjoy playing it.” Mike decided to take singing lessons to handle the lead vocals. “Original band seeks drummer/wild man.”

Keepin the Dream Alive band trio photoA key ingredient to “Keeping the Dream Alive” was drummer Pino Mele. “Just looking for a little piece of mind,” he brought the additional needed energy for growth. Grammy award-winning producer, Scott Mathews, and Tiki Town Studios, located in Mill Valley, California, was selected to bring the music to a level never reached before. In 2002, after completion of the Scott Mathews Tiki Town Studios Production, “Keeping the Dream Alive” was released as Mike and Jon’s greatest hits CD. This record was a collection of the first 8 years Mike and Jon had shared, with many more to come.

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