"Buddies for life ... I think"

mikejon3When Mike met Jon, both working in the roofing industry, they shared their love for music with one another and how much each of them truly missed the good old days of playing. Neither one of them had played in almost 10 years. Mike decided the good old days should be here and now! He sound proofed his garage so as not to upset the Yuppie neighbors and built a beautiful rehearsal studio. Mike then encouraged Jon to dust off his old PA system as well as all other miscellaneous musical equipment that was in storage and store it in the newly built home rehearsal studio. Jon agreed and as fate would have it… Mike’s pool guy, Brian Resh, was a drummer.

img009They wrote and recorded a few tunes with some old recording equipment Jon had brought out of storage and it was quite rewarding as they excelled quickly. The real thrill was their first gig, it was “Time to Rock”! They played that show at “369 Club” in Fullerton California. 1995 and feeling alive like a couple of little kids “Leonard’s Yard” was born and rocked the house. The power trio had a groove and edge of an old Led Zeppelin record with their original tunes and people really liked the energy in their live shows. Although Mike could hold a tune as lead vocalist he was certainly no Robert Plant. “Original band seeks lead vocalist/front man”.

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